English Democrat shambles in the South West.

The EDP campaign in the South West dissolves before it has even started. At a hustings debate for cantidates for the region the EDP was represented by Amanda Hopwood;

The hustings for prospective South West MEPs at Bournemouth University last Thursday night, according to the local press, was “a rather embarrassing affair” for the English Democrat representative, who “repeatedly apologised to the chair”, “struggled to answer questions” and admitted “I’m sorry. I haven’t prepared for this.”

The candidates for the E. U. election 2014 in the South West are;
1) Alan England.
2) Michael Blundell.
3) Clive Lavelle.
4) Barbara Wright.
5) Stephen Wright.
6) Raymond Carr.

Amanda Hopwood is not only from the S E not the S W but she is not even a lead candidate, she is number 3 in uncles list.

Where was the Lead candidate Alan England? Was it too much trouble to travel from his home in North Yorkshire?

It also seems to scupper his claim that the EDP are being barred from meetings in Universities in the S W.

England Watch pointed out earlier that there seemed no commitment to the party from EDP candidates in the S W, it seems to be highlighted by this rather sad episode.

A growing party said Mr Tilbrook.

Not in England it isn’t!


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