The F A. Has failed England once again!

So, England are out of the word cup nothing but a draw, 1 point from three games. It was on the cards and the the reason, in this writers view, is down to the any that the domestic game has developed.

The English national side is built around players from the Premier League, the Premier League is, in the main, foreign owned. These owners are interested in the success of their team, the success or failure of the England team is of no interest to them, why should it be?

To build a successful team the normal practice is to throw shed loads of money into the transfer market, this invariably means an influx of overseas players which restricts the possibilities for home grown players.

Is there an answer to this?

It is not possible to restrict the sale of clubs or the purchase of players, but one scenario put forward is that a club can own as many foreign players as it wants but no more than three on the field at any time. This could help to boost the quality of home grown players and thereby the quality of the national team.

The F A have it in their power to do this, but the pressure from the overseas media moguls will prevent the F A from growing any sphericals.

It will not come as a surprise if in four years time the F A fail the English people once again.