All EDP Local Election Candidates 2014.

All EDP Local Election Candidates 2014.

A list of all 36 EDP candidates standing in the English local election being held on the same day as the European elections.
These seats were last contested in 2010, below the name of the Region you will find the number a candidates in that Region in 2014 and, (in brackets) the number that stood in 2010.

East of England.
2 candidates 2014. (14 in 2010)

Epping Forest….Chipping Onger, Greenstead & Marden Ash….Robin Tilbrook.
Peterborough….Stanground Central….Nick Capp.

East Midlands.
0 candidates 2014. (1 in 2010)

1 candidate 2014. (20 in 2010)

Sutton…. Wallington S….David Jeffreys.

North East.
0 candidates 2014. (1 in 2010)

North West.
11 candidates 2014. (6 in 2010)

Bolton…Westhoughton S….Derek Bullock.
Bury….Besses….Stephen Morris.
Bury….Holyrood….Valerie Morris.
Knowsley….Stockbridge….Mark Syme.
Liverpool….Knotty Ash….Derek Grue.
Liverpool….Old Swan….Steven Greenhalgh.
Liverpool….St Micheals….Paul Rimmer.
Liverpool….Warbreck….Steven McEllenborough.
Salford….Swinton N….Paul Officer.
Salford….Walkden N….Laurence Depares.
Salford….Walkden S….Paul Whitelegg.
(1 other candidate, Nigel Hampson, Pendle, Brierfield ward, had his nomination rejected on the grounds ‘Assentors not registered electors for the Brierfield ward’. Silly error.)

South East.
3 candidates 2014. (16 in 2010)

Maidstone….Shepway N….Gary Butler.
Slough….Foxborough….John Barrow.
Tandridge….Blechingley & Nutfield….Daniel Beddoes.

South West.
0 candidates 2014. (7 in 2010)

West Midlands.
4 candidates 2014. (4 in 2010)

Nuneaton & Bedworth….Attleborough….Stephen Paxton.
Nuneaton & Bedworth….Bede….David Lane.
Walsall….Bloxwich W….Christopher Newey.
Walsall….Wilenhall S……Charles Haywood.

Yorkshire and the Humber.
15 candidates in 2014. (27 in 2010)

Barnsley….Central….Colin Porter.
Barnsley….Darfield….Dave Burnett.
Barnsley…. Darton East….Paul Robinson.
Barnsley….Darton West….Ian Sutton.
Barnsley….Hoyland Milton….Justin Saxton.
Barnsley….Rockingham….Kevin Riddiough.
Barnsley….St Helens….Dean Walker.
Doncaster….Adwick….Joanna Allan.
Doncaster…. Bessacarr & Cantley…. Barbara Hewitt.
Doncaster….Edenthorp, Kirk Sandall etc….Keith Hewitt.
Doncaster ….Edlington & Warmsworth…. John Brennan.
Doncaster….Mexborough…. Brian Whittmore.
Doncaster….Rossington…. Carol Young.
Doncaster….Sprotbrough….David Allan.
Kirklees….Dewsbury South…. Shaun Maddox.

Overall totals of candidate in 2014 compared to when these seats were last fought in 2010 is;
In 2010 the EDP fought 96 Local elections!
In 2014 the EDP will fight 36 Local elections!

First prize goes to the North West for almost doubling the total from 2010, they would have done so if the Pendle guy had used his brain!

The number of members willing to link their name to the party is still in decline!

The EDP has managed to get 60 people to allow their names to be put forward as candidates for the European elections. 36 of these candidates also have local elections in their home authority, 18 are standing in local elections and 18 are not standing.

The 18 not standing include a number of members of the EDP National Council. One way of leading by example!


Is England long overdue for a New Magna Carta?

798 years ago today King John and his barons met on the banks of the River Thames at Runnymede to sign the Magna Carta, thus removing total authority from the monarchy forever.

Not that the mass of the population of the time where affected in any great way, as the result was that there was some shift in power from the monarch to the privileged elite.

Maybe it is time for another Great Charter for England whereby power is transferred from the privileged elite to the ordinary people of England.

For that we need to reclaim England!

One step at a time.

Next year anyone who is able to should vote for Scottish independence, it you don’t have a vote then support and encourage those who do.

Enjoy the Jubilee!.

Yesterday, with the 1,000 craft Jubilee Pageant, we saw England at her Majestic, Memorable, Monumental, Magical, but sadly not Meteorological, best!

Tonight we look forward to seeing the Musical best and beacons blazing across the land. Tomorrow we hope that the nation comes together in thanksgiving!

England Watch uses its 100th article to help mark Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Save Falklands Veteran HMS Plymouth!

Plymouth in Devon was, for almost 300 years, one of the major centres for warship building in England. HMS Plymouth was the last Royal Navy warship to be built in the city and went on to serve in the Falkland War.

She deserves to be saved! She must not be dragged off to Turkey and ripped apart! Please help!

The e-petition reads:

“HMS Plymouth is the last surviving warship from the Falklands Conflict in 1982 and she is currently under threat of being scrapped. Various schemes to save her have come to nothing, mainly down to berthing restrictions or unsuitable arrangements. HMS Plymouth should be preserved for the nation as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the conflict, particularly the Royal Navy. In the year that commemorates the 30th anniversary of this event this ship should not be allowed to become razor blades. Please sign this petition and help to save this ship.”

Please sign this e-petition and please pass it onto people that you know!


Some other links for this ship and her story.



When I was young books did not feature very prominently in our house but in the corner of my bedroom was a large, rather battered, cardboard box, it was used to store something, though I have long forgotten what. The box and its contents were not what are memorable; it is the four words printed on the end that faced my bed, just four words,

“Tri-ang Made in England.”

These were the first words that I learned to read, or at least recognise. After that I would drive my parents mad looking on items and boxes in shops and then reading out, in a loud voice, “Made in England”. At that time it just seemed to be the natural way of the world to have those three words on just about everything that we had in the house. I could have been this that set me on the road to my passion for all things to do with England.

It has always been my aim to try and keep my eyes open for the ‘three words’ on the things that I buy. Sadly I would be living in a VERY minimalist house if I adhered strictly to that plan.

I was watching a TV programme a few weeks ago that was discussing how viable it would be to relaunch a ‘Buy British’ campaign. One of the points that came out of the programme, and which really angered me, was that ‘Comet’, one of the largest electrical retailers in the country, does  NOT SELL A SINGLE ITEM THAT IS MADE IN BRITAIN and most of their stock doesn’t even come from Europe.

I fear that we are raising generations of children who will have as their first memory of the written word “ Made in China”!

Only a few days ago I came across the Tri-ang Society. Dip in if you are interested.