English Nationalist Parties.

The largest of the registered English Nationalist parties is the English Democrats Party (EDP). Founded in 1998 as the English National Party it changed its name in 2002. From its founding the Party Chairman has been Robin Tilbrook. It has never had an official Party Leader but most of the organising seems to be done by Steve Uncles. By putting his name in a search engine you will see that he seems a most interesting choice for a political party ‘leader’.

All of the other English nationalist parties are small compared to the EDP. In alphabetical order those registered with England or English in the name are,

English Independence Party (EIP). Founded 2000. Leader Andrew Constantine.

English National Party (ENP). Founded 2000. Leader Robert Williams.

English Parliamentary Party (EPP). Founded 2001. Leader Gerald Morgan.

English Peoples Party (EPP). Founded 2010, Leader Andrew Constantine.

New England Party (NEP). Founded 2003. Leader Michael Tibby.

The True English (Poetry) Party. (TE(P)P). Founded 2006. Leader Michael Gibson.

Truly Independent English Party (TIEP). Founded 2004. Leader Norman Hennings.

It should be noted that although all of these seven parties are registered with the Electoral Commission as being ‘active’ in actual fact the English National Party and New England Party are both part of the EDP.

The English Independence Party is owned by the Leader of the English Peoples Party.

For England Party (FEP). Founded 2011. Leader Michael Johnson. folded in early 2012.

England First Party (EFP). Founded 2003. Leader Mark Cotterill. Closed in July 2012.

One England (OE). Founded 2010. Leader Dan Fisher.Closed 2013.


3 thoughts on “English Nationalist Parties.

  1. Tom Wyatt is no longer the Leader of the EIP after resigning a while ago from the position. (2011)

    • England Watch welcomes the chance to correct this information. When the original item was researched at the end of January 2012 Mr Wyatt was shown as Leader on the Electoral Commission website. At the beginning of February Andrew Constantine was registered as the new Leader.

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