WOW! An EDP Candidate!

WALSALL MBC – Birchills Leamore ward

24th July 2014

Gazanfer ALI (Conservative)
Chris JONES (Labour)
Chris NEWEY (English Democrats – For an Independent England)

Chris Newey seems to be the EDP in Walsall, he has stood a few times.
More details to follow.

P.S. It is worth noting that on the same day there is a By election in the EDP former ‘crown-jewel’ of Doncaster! The EDP has been unable to find even a paper candidate this time.


The EDP in the North East Region.

The EDP in the North East Region.
The North East has always been THE worst area in the whole of England for the English Democrats. It has been describes as barren, though sterile may be a better word. That fact is made glaringly obvious by the elections this month.

True, they do have a full slate of three candidates for the European Elections;
1) Kevin Riddiough
2) Sam Kelly
3) John Lewis

Though tellingly none of these actually live in the region but are all from South Yorkshire.

Alan England is the election agent for the region; he also lives out of area, but a little nearer, residing in North Yorkshire.

As an example of how much the shrinking EDP has to stretch its resources in order to give the impression of a ‘national party one need look no further than this region.

In addition to being election agent for the North East, Alan England is also the EDPs lead candidate for the South West Region.

Kevin Riddiough is an even better example;
Election agent for the North West Region.
Election agent for Yorkshire and the Humber Region.
Lead candidate for the North East Region.
Candidate in the council elections in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

In the North East there are also local elections being held on the same day for a number of councils in the area.
The last time that these seats were contested was 2010, the EDP fielded just the one candidate, in 2014 they are unable to field any!

North Tyneside, 2010, 1. …2014, 0.

As will be seen from the rest of the articles England Watch will be posting for the Regions the EDP is far from being a ‘national’ party and in fact has but a few dozen active members.

EDP Candidate in the first election of 2014.

The EDP is getting 2014 off with a bang, it has a candidate in the first by-election of the year.

Tuesday 7th January.

Swinton South ward of Salford Metropolitan Council

Neil BLOWER….Lab….
Joe O’NEILL….Green….

The EDP has stood in this ward on two previous occasions with two different candidates.

4th May 2006….Chris Roscoe….210….7.84%.
3rd May 2012….John Mulcahy….112….4.76%.
7th Jan’ 2014….Paul Whitelegg….

English Democrat Candidate in Liverpool.

The EDP has a candidate in a local election next month.

5th December 2013.

Riverside Ward Liverpool City Council.

Peter Cooney..Ind….
Michelle Corrigan.. Lab….
Martin Dobson..Grn….
Alison Goudie..Ind….
Chris Hall..Con….
Adam Heatherington.. UKIP….
John Marston..TUSAC….
Steven McEllenborough..EDP….
Kevin White..Lib Dem….

The EDP has contested this ward before;
3rd May 2012..Neil Kenny….103….3.15%

Salford By-Election, another EDP No-Show!

Local by-election in Salford 20th June 2013.

Salford would seem to be yet another of the EDPs former strongholds that has succumbed to the rot that appears to be permeating the party.

In the recent past the EDP has been well represented in elections in Salford.
The EDPs first showing in Salford was in the local election of May 2006 when its solo candidate took almost 8% of the vote.

In the 2010 General Election EDP candidate, Stephen Morris, attracted 621 votes, 1.5%, in the Salford & Eccles constituency.

The party also had two candidates in the local election that year, one of whom won just short of10%.
In 2011 the EDP stood three candidates in the May local elections and a further one in a March by-election.

In May 2012 the EDP candidate gained 1616 votes, 3.6% of the total in the first round, in the Mayoral election.

Also on the same day in May 2012 the party stood four candidates for the Salford Council elections, they each averaged around the 5% mark.

Elections for the ‘new’ Police & Crime Commissioners took place in November 2012 and the EDP was poised to field a candidate in the Greater Manchester Authority. Unfortunately the EDPs Michael Felse withdrew shortly before nominations closed and it was too late to find a replacement.

Incidentally, Micheal Felse is standing in the forthcoming Borough election as an Independent but the EDP is conspicuous by its absence!

What has happened to Messrs Depares and Whitelegg who have stood four and three times respectively in Salford?

English Democrats Result in Dacorum!

DACORUM BC Adeyfield West Ward
21st March 2013.

Ron TINDALL. Lib Dem…363… 32.6%
Mike MOORE. Lab…278… 25.0%
Barry NEWTON. Con…229… 20.6%
Noel SWINFORD. UKIP… 193… 17.3%
Simon DEACON. EDP…51… 4.6%

This is the first time that the EDP has stood in this ward but Simon Deacon is the party’s regular candidate in Dacorum and has stood in the adjoining ward.

He was a Parish councillor until resigning in October 2012.

This result is slightly better than when he stood in the neighbouring ward last June, his figures then were 47…4.1%.

Would English Democrats PCC Victories finish the Party?

Don’t worry reader England Watch has not gone mad, we do not consider any victories likely!

We were talking over the effects on the EDP if the voters of Essex and Kent all came down with some sort of syndrome and voted Messrs Tilbrook and Uncles into office as Police and Crime Commissioners for those two counties.

The thinking being that Police and Crime Commissioner are independent, don’t laugh, meaning that Robin Tilbrook, EDP Chairman and de-facto Leader and Steven Uncles South East Chairman and Propagandist-in-Chief for the party would both have to resign all position within the party.

In the event of this happening who would take over? The EDP has never had a Party Leader, no-one has ever come forward and stood for the position and it is difficult to imagine any of the 8 or 9 remaining members of the National Council putting their names forward.

There are a number of former BNP activists now in the EDP who previously held official positions in the BNP, some of these may well be willing to come to the ‘aid of the Party’.

The main problem for the EDP, in the case of those two victories, could be financial. Both Mr Tilbrook and Mr Uncles have loaned considerable amounts of money to the Party.

From the Electoral Commission website we can see that between September 2006 and May 2008

Mr Tilbrook made two loans to the EDP totalling £81,800.

Mr Uncles made two loans to the EDP totalling £26,241.

Also from the Electoral Commission website we can see that as of the end of 2011 the EDP owed £212,929 to creditors.

From the same source we see that Cash at bank and in hand is shown as £-.

England Watch has been unable to find any information regarding elected PCCs and any loans they have made to political parties. If this is not allowed then the EDP would have to pay the loans back, which it can’t and may then be declared bankrupt.

Or Mr Tilbrook and Mr Uncles could convert their loans into donations but that may raise questions about ‘independent’ PCCs funding a political party.

An interesting ‘what-if’ scenario but probably nothing more!