UK Military, A Page for the Fallen!

England Watch is an English nationalist Blog but that does not mean that we throw a blanket of condemnation over everything ‘British’. There are many British organisations that we support; topmost amongst these are the military services and organisations.

On this permanent page will be the breakdown of countries of origin of British Forces dead in Afghanistan.

A link to the BBC site giving information on each casualty.

A link to the site posting information on forthcoming repatriations of the Fallen.

The number of deaths stands at 448 after a soldier from the Royal Engineers was killed on 23 December.

England.               340.

Scotland.                34.

Wales.                    28.

Nepal.                    11.

Fiji.                         10.

N’ Ireland.                8.

South Africa.           5.

Irish Rep’.               3.

USA. 2.

Australia.                1.

Jamaica.                 1.

New Zealand.         1.

Zimbabwe.             1.

Unknown.               3.

Irrespective of our personal thoughts on the validity of the war we should not lose sight of the fact that all of these people, from the Commonwealth and beyond, made the supreme sacrifice wearing the uniform of our country.

The link below allows access to the BBC site for the Fallen.

The link below takes you to a site giving information on any forth coming repatriation of personnel killed in Afghanistan.


One thought on “UK Military, A Page for the Fallen!

  1. Brilliant page as a ex member of the 1 kings own royal border regt now duke of lancasters
    Like you say the Britsh Army and my i add English crown Britsh monachy are only two institutions I doff my cap to
    Yours English nationalist /British unionist

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